VISION - Where everyone learns without limit and where all the members of the school community are enthusiastic in learning and are fully engaged in it. In short - A Learning Community.

School Management Board (SMB)

Composition: The SMB shall have the following members:

  1. 1. Managing Director of the Company - Chairperson;
  2. 2. Dy. Managing Director of the Company - Vice Chairperson;
  3. 3. Parent representatives – 2 members;
  4. 4. Principal – Member;
  5. 5. Manager, AFD and HR – member;
  6. 6. Vice Principals(academic and student affairs) – 2 members;
  7. 7. Assistant Principal(co-curricular) – Member;
  8. 8. Student Representatives – 2 councilors.

    Policy mandates:
    The 9th Quarterly Education Policy Guidelines and Instructions (1992) had mandated all the schools in the country to instate a body that would govern the overall policy matter of the school and promote community participation and decentralized management of the school. Thus the School Management Board (SMB). The Board serves as a governing/policy approving body in the school and guide the School Management Team (SMT). Term:
    While 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 will remain unchanged by the post in the school, 3 will be for 2 years term and 8 will be for one year term. The SMB meeting shall be on annual basis unless required by the Chairman.

    • Provide vision and direction to the school.
    • Safeguard the school level policies and enhance efficiency in management.
    • Approve annual programmes and activities.
    • Ensure reviews and assement of the schools performance.
    • Facilitate support to the school to plan and carry out development work.
    • Mobilize human and material resources support from the community.
    • Assist in organizing major school events.
    • SMB shall not interfere in the day to day management of the school.
    • Provide guidance and support to the School Management Team.