VISION - Where everyone learns without limit and where all the members of the school community are enthusiastic in learning and are fully engaged in it. In short - A Learning Community.

Criteria in the choice of stream and subject combinations:


  • • Admission in class XI - English, Dzongkha and best 3-4 subjects;
  • • Minimum grade C in Physics, Chemistry, Biology for admission in XI Science;
  • • Minimum 45% in Mathematics for taking Pure science;
  • • Minimum 40% in mathematics for Commerce taking Business mathematics;
  • • Admission in XII: PCA or PCNA in BHSE with English, Dzongkha and best 3-4 subjects;
  • • Grade D and above in SUPW;
  • • Admission in order of merit.

Stream and subject combination (tick the subject combination of your choice):

  • ARTS : Dzongkha, English, Geography, History with Computer/Economics;
  • COMMERCE: Dzongkha, English, Commerce, Accounts and Business Mathematics/Economics/Computer.
  • SCIENCE – Dzongkha, English, Physics, Chemistry with either Biology/Mathematics