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Result of 2012 class XI has been declared on 15.8.2012

Of the total of 167 students in class XI in the year 2012, 135 students had fulfilled the promotion criteria and they have been promoted to class XII. The remaining 32 had not fulfilled the criteria. However, there were 8 students who are very near to the criteria and they have been considered for promotion to class XII only if they re-sit the back paper in the subjects they were not successful. This is to encourage the students to earn for their success. The remaining 26 students had to be detained since considering their promotion would not help them in class XII. Quite sadly, there were 5 students, whom the school feels that they need to change the school in the academic year 2013. Therefore, the result declaration for 2012 is of 4 levels:

  1. 1. 135 students hadqualified for class XII in 2013 and their names need not be reflected;
  2. 2. Students who were not successful (8), but considered for reseat are listed below along with the subjects. The reseat will be conducted on 18th, 19th and 20th February 2013:
1 Yeshi Tshering XI Arts 1 Dzo, Math, Eco
2 Karma Rangdel XI Arts 2 Eng, Eco
3 Kishor Biswa XI com 1 Eng, Dzo
4 Sachin Gurung XI com 1  Eng
5 Pema Choden XI com 1 Dzo, Math, Acct, Comm
6 Deo Kumar XI Sc1 Eng, Dzo, Math
7 Ankit Rai XI Sc1 Eng, Dzo
8 Yadav Gautum XI Sc1 Eng, Dzo
  1. 3. Students not successful in class XI (18) and advised to repeat next year for their own benefit are listed below:
1 Yeshi Dendup XI Arts 1
2 Delek Jamtsho XI Arts 2
3 Kuenzang Dorji XI Arts 2
4 Kuenzang Norbu XI Arts 2
5 Ngawang Tsheltrim XI Arts 2
6 Pema Namgay XI Arts 2
7 Sangay Dorji XI Arts 2
8 Ugyen Rinzin XI Arts 2
9 Yeshi Jamtsho XI Arts 2
10 Zumzang XI Arts 2
11 Sonam Dorji XI Arts 2
12 Karma Wangchuk XI Com 1
13 Kinga Dechen XI Com 1
14 Susil Rai XI Com 1
15 Tshoki Dorji XI Com 1
16 Nima XI Com 2
17 Sarun Gurung XI Com 2
18 Jigme Namgyal XI Sc 1
  1. 4. The following students are advised to change the school next year:
1 Jamyang Phuntsho XI Com 1 Passed
2 Pema Lethro XI Com 1 Unsuccessful
3 Tashi Tobgay XI Com 1 Unsuccessful
4 Sonam Dema A XI Com 1 Unsuccessful
5 Sonam Dema B XI Com 1 Unsuccessful
6 Kinley Dorji XI Arts 2 Unsuccessful